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As a professional scientist with a personal history of binge eating and excess weight (and having now lost almost 30 kilos and kept it off for over 25 years), I'm passionate about research that will help more people to lose excess weight and keep it off for life.

The focus of my life's research has been the Famine Reaction and how to tame it.

The Famine Reaction is a term I coined to describe our body's responses to inadequate energy intake (such as during weight loss via diet and / or exercise).

The two most prominent effects of the Famine Reaction are increased hunger and decreased energy expenditure (the amount of kilojoules or calories your body burns). Both of these effects contribute to weight loss plateaus and weight regain.

Come with me and I'll help you find the scientifically-backed things you can do to reduce your own Famine Reaction, thereby helping you to lose weight and keep it off in the most effective way. ...
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