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Omron Acceleration Pedometer

To lose weight and keep it off, medical research proves it's essential that you do some form of regular physical activity...around 8 to 12 thousand steps a day.

Sounds like a lot, but you'd be surprised how much of a difference incidental activity can make. Add some extra 10-15 minute walks to your day, use the stairs instead of the lift, park a bit further away than usual - in addition to your usual exercise - and before long, doing 8 to 12 thousand steps a day will become a habit and losing weight for life will be much easier.

A great way to track your progress and motivate yourself to keep going is to use a pedometer.

Unique acceleration sensors

I've road tested a lot of different pedometers, including new-age Bluetooth pedometers, and in my view the Omron HJ-203 comes out on top. It uses unique acceleration sensors to accurately count your steps, whether you carry it in your bag, in your pocket, or wear it around your neck.

With conventional hip-worn pedometers, I tend to forget to wear them and then lose momentum because my clothes don't always have a waist band. However, because the new Omron Acceleration Pedometer doesn't need to be worn on the hip in order to work accurately, I'm on a roll because every day, no matter what I'm wearing, this neat little pedometer tucks discreetly into my bra.

Other reasons why I love this pedometer

  • The clock function gives me another compelling reason to wear it every day.
  • The 7-day memory function has an uncanny way of motivating me to keep aiming for decent step counts.
  • The Good Achievement Symbol, which appears on the screen whenever I achieve 10,000 or more steps in a day, is an added incentive for consistent activity. 
  • The security strap clips to my clothes so I don't ever worry about losing my favourite pedometer. 

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