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Set of 4 Success Diaries

Special offer

To help you get the best results from the Don't go hungry diet, Sets of 4 success diaries are now $22.95 instead of $29.95. That's a saving of $7.00 per Set of 4 success diaries. 

To lose weight and keep it off forever you need to keep your Famine Reaction under control and boost your Fat Brake. This enables you to lose weight with less effort and makes weight maintenance easier than ever.

My Success diary will quickly and effectively teach you how to do just that. Within as little as 3 months of using a Success diary you will be able to:

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate emotional overeating.
  • Recognize the early warning signs of a Famine Reaction and know how to disarm it before it overruns you.
  • Recognize the signs of your Fat Brake in action and learn how to use it to keep excess weight off for life.

I encourage you to use a Success diary for at least 3 months and see for yourself just how much easier it is to lose weight and keep it off. If you do this, then 3 months from now you will be lighter than you are now, and feeling on top of the world.

I personally guarantee your success 

If you don't lose a measurable amount of excess weight or waist circumference within 2 weeks of following the 3 simple steps in this Success diary, please scan 14 completed pages from you Successdiary and email them to me at the address from which you receive my newsletters. 

I will personally reply to your email within two working days and show you what you need to tweak in order to get your weight moving towards its biological optimum.

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$22.95 ($29.95)
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