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The Don't Go Hungry Diet

How one of Australia's leading weight-loss scientists, Professor Amanda Salis, put her theories to the test and lost nearly 30 kilos. 

Whether you've tried all the diets but find you just keep putting the weight back on - plus extra - or simply want to lose weight and keep it off forever, this is the book for you, with real solutions based on real science.

Like many women, Professor Salis began dieting in her teens despite being a healthy weight. Six years on her weight had ballooned. 'I dieted myself fat,' Professor Amanda says. 'I'd lose a kilo or two then just gain it all back, plus more.' Finally she decided to start a career in medical research so that she could find an effective way to lose weight.

Today she is a world leader in the science of weight loss. Through her research, Professor Amanda found that the key to successful dieting is to work with your body, rather than against it, by never going hungry.

Staying satisfied is the key to beating the Famine Reaction that causes ravenous hunger, cravings, weight loss plateaus and rebound weight gain.

Once you're in tune with your body, a natural mechanism - the Fat Brake - helps you to lose weight and keep it off. Professor Amanda tested out her theories on herself, losing nearly 30 kilograms and keeping it off for more than eighteen years (and counting), then began to help others lose weight, too.

Now, in the Don't go hungry diet, Professor Amanda explains the science behind her discoveries simply and effectively, then tells how you, too, can lose weight at any age with less effort than ever before.

With chapters on how to recognise and deal with a Famine Reaction as well as how to boost your Fat Brake through nutrition and exercise, and more than 50 delicious recipes, this is a scientifically based plan that is simple for anyone to follow - and that works.

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