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Weight Loss for Food Lovers

If you've ever wondered why you just can't stick with a weight loss plan until you reach your ideal weight for life, I'd like to let you know about Weight loss for food lovers by Australian psychiatrist Dr George Blair-West. 

Dr Blair-West is the Director of Psychophysiology in the Obesity Rehabilitation Unit at Brisbane's RiverCity Private Hospital. For over fifteen years he has specialized in psychotherapy for weight loss; helping people to change by teaching them new ways of thinking and feeling rather than through prescribing drugs. 

Of all the books I've read on motivation for weight loss, Dr Blair-West's is my favorite. He combines sound scientific insights from psychotherapy with warm, witty anecdotes to illustrate how your subconscious mind may be sabotaging your weight loss success. 

This book will help you break that frustrating cycle of 'clutching defeat from the jaws of success'. One of the concepts in Weight loss for food lovers helped me to shed those last stubborn kilos of excess 'baby fat' some years ago.  

In Weight loss for food lovers  you will find 
  • The acid test to tell you if your subconscious mind is ready to let you lose weight
  • A simple exercise that will talk to your unconscious mind and help motivate you for weight loss
  • Insight into the part of your mind that that doesn't want you to succeed, and how to uncover the modus operandi it uses to sabotage your intentions to lose weight
  • Easy ways to put strategic structures in place so that when motivation flounders, your strategic structures will automatically help protect you from sabotage
I frequently draw on the techniques in Dr Blair-West's book to help me maintain my weight at 65 kilos, and I often recommend his book to my clients. 

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